Carol Burnett seeks to be tutor to teenage grandson


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LOS ANGELES – Carol Burnett seeks to become the legal guardian of her teenage grandson as her mother struggles with drug addiction.

The 87-year-old television comedy legend and her husband Brian Miller filed documents in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday to take custody of his 52-year-old daughter Erin Hamilton’s son Dylan.

“Due to addiction issues and other circumstances with which my daughter, Erin, is struggling to impact the dynamics of her immediate family, my husband and I have asked the court to be appointed as my legal guardian. 14-year-old grandson, ”Burnett said in a statement.

“The guardianship will be for the purpose of monitoring his health, education and well-being and is not intended to deny him and the parents an appropriate visit with one another. We hope that recovery will be the next stepping stone to normalization and ask at this point to respect confidentiality to allow this process to occur. ”

Hamilton, a singer, is the youngest of Burnett’s three children, all daughters with Burnett’s second husband, television producer Joe Hamilton. Burnett has been married to Miller, a musician, since 2001.

An email requesting comment sent to a representative for Erin Hamilton was not immediately returned.

Another of Burnett’s daughters, actor and writer Carrie Hamilton, has spoken publicly about her own struggles with addiction and her subsequent sobriety. She died of cancer at age 38 in 2002.

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