Car hijacking suspect accused of shooting 3 Chicago officers


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CHICAGO – A felon on parole has been charged with attempted murder in the shooting of three Chicago police officers outside a police station, authorities said on Friday.

Lovelle Jordan was taken to the train station on the northwest side of the city after police arrested her Thursday in connection with a June 26 carjacking in downtown Chicago, police said.

Jordan began firing when an officer opened the door of the team car they had driven him to the station, Deputy Chief Brendan Deenihan said. Police retaliated and injured Jordan, who faces six counts of attempted murder as well as possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of a weapon as a criminal.

Jordan was still hospitalized on Friday and did not appear in court. Prosecutors said he was paralyzed from the chest down.

Jordan’s attorney, Deputy Public Defender Scott Finger, objected to the bail hearing because Jordan was unable to appear, the Chicago Tribune reported. A judge ordered his detention without bail.

Two of the injured officers were treated and released from the hospital. The third officer was shot in the chin and remains hospitalized, but “is fine,” Deenihan said.

“He hasn’t come out of the woods by any means… but it looks like he will,” he said.

Cook County Assistant State Attorney Kevin DeBoni said in Friday’s hearing that the officer was placed in a medically induced coma to prevent damage to his spine.

Police handcuffed Jordan’s hands behind his back during his arrest, but he was apparently able to move his hands forward as he was transported to the station, Deenihan said.

He said Jordan, 26, was searched before being transported, but police believe he had a “top-secret, probably very close to his private area” gun and was able to recover the gun for a while. the journey to the station.

“They didn’t do anything wrong,” Deenihan said of the officers who made the arrest. “I will defend them. They work there, they wrestle with this guy and again, it’s the offender’s action – he’s the one who shot the officer in the face.


This story has been updated to correct that the suspect’s name is Lovelle Jordan, not Jordan Lovelle, based on updated information from the police department.

Kathleen Foody, The Associated Press

Video: The video appears to show a violent shooting in broad daylight in Pickering (Global News)


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