Canyon’s new Exceed rigid frame uses ‘Unicorn Hair’ carbon fiber and weighs 835 grams


There is an arms race going on in cross country racing right now, with brands constantly trying to come together and produce the lightest frame possible. Unno and Specialized are currently leading the charge, but Canyon has now entered the ring with an update to their Exceed hardtail, which we suspect Pauline Ferrand Prevot and Mathieu Van Der Poel have reportedly considering riding at. Tokyo Olympics, weighs 835 grams in size medium. In summary, the carbon frame weighs 740 grams, the paintwork on the top model another 39, then the chain suction plate, chainstay protector, SRAM UDH and integrated seat clamp make up the remaining 48 grams. . You don’t need a math degree to realize these numbers don’t quite add up, but Canyon overestimates the weight to account for variations in the production method.

DetailsIntended use: Course XC
Frame weight: CFR – 835 grams, CF SLX – 1015 grams, CF – 1312 grams
Bike weight: 8.9 kg / 19.6 lb (CFR LTD, without pedals)
Wheel size: 29 «
Voyage: 100 mm fork recommended
Head angle: 69 °
Price: 1 699 € – 6 499 €
More information:

For comparison, the Specialized Epic and Unno Aora would both have an average weight of 790 grams. It’s hard to make direct comparisons as different companies measure with different pieces of material, but it’s fair to say that the Exceed comes very close to the lightest hardtails one can buy.
So how did Canyon make this bike so light? It all comes down to the carbon they used. There are three different carbon specifications for the bike with only the top-end CFR level reaching the stated weight. Indeed, it uses what Canyon calls “Unicorn Hair” and what engineers call Toray M40X. It is very rare to find this fiber on a mountain bike as Toray only supplies it to three manufacturers and the cost also makes it quite prohibitive. As well as being super light, the fiber is also apparently strong and stiff, so the new Exceed required less reinforcement to pass impact tests. This is the first time Canyon has used this grade of carbon on any of their bikes, but they say they intend to use it more in the future.
Canyon has also revised the geometry of the Exceed following feedback from its riders. The head angle was relaxed from 0.5 ° to 69 °, the spans increased by about 10mm, and the chainstays narrowed by 2mm.

The front of this bike has also undergone some interesting changes, including a one-piece bar and stem that will keep riders in a super racy stance. The rod has a negative elevation of 6 ° and a length of 80mm, while the bars are 740mm in width. Right under this cockpit is a redesigned routing that now sees cables dipping into the frame through the helmet. It might seem like an unusual decision on a mountain bike, but it’s a feature of most road bikes released last year and it apparently allows for tighter routing, allowing Canyon to reduce the weight of the head tube. . The latest update to the front end is an impact protection unit that prevents the handlebars from turning excessively and the fork hitting the frame.

Another interesting detail to note is the integrated seat tube clamp which sits under the junction of the top tube and down tube. This is adopted from Canyon’s cyclocross range and prevents mud build-up compared to a conventional clamp design.
Canyon will release 9 models of the Exceed in total across 3 levels of carbon specifications. 7 of the versions will be unisex and 2 specific to women.

CF models – frame weight 1312 grams

Exceed CF 5 – € 1,699
Exceeds WMN 5 – € 1,699
Exceed CF 6 – € 2,199
Exceed CF 7 – € 2,699
Exceeds WMN 7 – € 2,699

CF SLX models – frame weight 1015 grams

Exceed CF SLX 9

Exceeds CF SLX 8 – € 3,699
Exceeds CF SLX 9 – € 4,699

CFR models – frame weight 835 grams

Exceed CFR Team

Exceed CFR Team – € 5,699
Exceed CFR LTD – € 6499

More information on all models, here.


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