Canary Wharf Group recalls staff to end bank drain


Many employees want to continue working from home, while banks have been eager to cut costs. Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England, told Tory MPs last month he was shocked at how quiet the city was, saying workers should be encouraged to return to their offices to support the cafes, restaurants, bars and shops which depended on their Customs.However, banking giants with major headquarters in Canary Wharf have reiterated the success of working from home in recent days and have shown little interest in getting people back.

HSBC said only 20% of its 10,000 London employees would return to its headquarters from September, while Thomas Gottstein, the director of Credit Suisse, said 80% of the Swiss bank’s workforce continued to work from home.

Barclays boss Jes Staley returned to comments he made earlier this year, saying the office could be a thing of the past, instead vowing to keep the lender’s 32-story London skyscraper open in Canary Wharf . However, the bank still has 60,000 employees working remotely who do not expect to return until at least the end of September.


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