Canadian Top Six Minutes @ Penguins: A Game 1 Thriller


For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are available in the morning after each game.

Before the match:

  • Post-season hockey !! In August.

First period:

  • Looks like Charlie won the save battle and needs to keep the bench warm tonight.
  • We went through the first minute without getting marked. It’s already better than the exhibition game.
  • There’s one line you don’t see often – Weal, Weise… and Domi.
  • Danault wins the face-off against Crosby. You’re depriving yourself, are you, Sid?
  • Ten minutes and SOG are 10-2 for Pittsburgh. At least Price came to play.
  • But the third time is a charm because Kotkaniemi opens the scoring!
  • Departure for the first power play of the series. It’s time to extend the lead …
  • On the plus side: it wasn’t overwhelmingly painful to watch.
  • The Habs managed the last two minutes without being scored.
  • This series could have some promise after all.

Second period:

  • Well, if nothing else, the Habs know not to leave Crosby to his own devices.
  • Chiarot plays goalie with a stick stopper. Defense. Goalie. Everything that works.
  • Another goal for the first time after the season! This time, thanks to a sweet Suzuki shot.
  • Crosby sneaks past the goal line and out of Price’s skate. Apparently they have decided to leave him to himself now.
  • Just to make things interesting, Drouin takes a collision penalty.
  • And it totally turns around as Rust evens things out.
  • On the plus side: Kulak looks pretty good tonight.
  • Drouin heads for the trash again. He must be a mole, right?

Third period:

  • Penalty against the Habs from the start. I swear if it’s Drouin again …
  • Of course, Chiarot, why not join Danault in the box for Salut Crosby? Because a five on three is exactly what we need right now.
  • Hey! It’s our turn for the man-benefit. It’s good for a change.
  • Seriously?! Another penalty? You know it’s to qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs, right?
  • Good side: the Canadiens penalty is working for them tonight.
  • The prize makes two great saves and how are we rewarded? Sheary gets a penalty shot.
  • And we are still tied. Phew.
  • Petry’s shot came off the post two minutes from time.
  • It’s game 1, why not keep the fun going a little longer?


  • The Pens are trying to put a quick end to this, but Danault and Price say no.
  • Danault is called in for a crash because why not?
  • This power play makes it feel like it lasts forever.
  • Drouin gets a penalty!
  • It was… bad.
  • Petry finally ends the first game at six minutes!

EOTP 3 stars

3) It was over as soon as these ladies arrived

2) The pitfalls of hockey in August

1) Hearts are happy after this one


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