Canadian patrols stop “American caravans” at the border


Since March, the Canada-U.S. Border has been closed to all but essential traffic in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus. But Americans being Americans, they flout the new regulations in pursuit of their usual summer pleasures.According to NPR, “the Canadian border patrol effectively prevented the American caravans” from crossing the border. Most arrive by luxury sailboats and yachts.

Those crossing the border have often told officials they are heading to Alaska to circumvent the new regulations. But because so many Americans are using the so-called “Alaska Loophole,” authorities have increased restrictions.

One of the reasons Americans are spotted is that Canadian boaters are using technology to monitor them. Since all passenger vessels should be fitted with tracking devices to help prevent weather-related accidents, anyone with an internet connection can monitor border crossings and identify vessels by type and country of origin. .

“A number of us who are retired boaters who are still members of the Council of BC Yacht Clubs have started looking at the number of American boats crossing our border despite the federal government ban,” he said. stated the president of BC Marine Parks Forever. , George Creek, told NPR.

But Creek says Americans are starting to understand tracking.

“They turn them off when they cross the border. We see them on the computer, and at some point, a few minutes later, they’re not there anymore, ”he said.

Creek and his fellow citizens do not like the Americans crossing the border. As NPR points out, a poll found that eight in 10 Canadians wanted the border with the United States to remain closed due to the coronavirus.

Creek told NPR he was angered by an incident involving Americans exiting a large yacht at an outpost for supplies, saying, “They wandered the wharf. Three or four adults and the rest were teenagers with no social distancing, no masks, and walking through the store like they were just shopping at Walmart. ”

All of this frustrated Creek because America failed to quell the coronavirus outbreak. “When I called the United States the biggest petri dish in the world, it wasn’t just out of the blue,” said Creek.


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