Calgary’s Black Lives Matter mural program postponed due to threats: organizers


CALGARY – Shortly after announcing that the location of the first Black Lives Matter mural in downtown Calgary was under reconsideration due to overwhelming support for the existing mural, the program was halted due to “Violent vitriols, racism and threats”. The original plan was to paint the first of four Black Lives Matter murals on a building on First Street and Seventh Avenue SE. The place is currently home to a mural named Giving Wings to the Dream, which was painted by artist Doug Driediger in 1995 for the Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS).

Artistic group Pink Flamingo is leading the creation of the new mural project, including the choice of artists for the four works of art. A post on the Calgary Arts Development Authority (CADA) website initially stated that the artist would be chosen on August 17, and the project would be completed in September.

Pink Flamingo announced on social media on Wednesday that the program had been postponed.

Calgary City Council voted in favor of funding of $ 120,000 for the four murals.

Earlier today, the city issued a statement saying there had been “unprecedented support for the Giving Wings mural” and the city is now working with Pink Flamingo and CADA to find “a downtown site. appropriate and more permanent for first black lives. Wall Matter. ”

“The group leading the project identified this Seventh Avenue and First Street (SE) location as ideal for a Black Lives Matter mural, as it is seen by around 30,000 to 50,000 Calgarians per day due to its location across from Center Street LRT station in downtown. ”, We read in the declaration.

More than 5,000 people have signed an online petition asking for the location to be reconsidered and at least one city councilor has expressed concern about the location and the lack of public engagement about the new mural.


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