Calgary Flames postpone 50/50 raffle due to “unforeseen circumstances”


The Calgary Flames have temporarily suspended their 50/50 Game Day online raffle due to “unforeseen circumstances”.The National Hockey League team announced the move on Tuesday in an email sent to season ticket holders.

It states on its website that the online 50/50 has been postponed until further notice.

The Flames say the team will continue to work with their software partner to improve the 50/50 online to ensure a positive experience for Flames fans.

The team did not say whether the postponement was related to problems faced by the Edmonton Oilers, but Flames officials confirmed that both teams use the same software vendor for their draws.

The Calgary Flames draws didn’t see the same level of interest or volume as the Oilers draws last week, leading to problems after the server vendor was overwhelmed.

Friday’s draw for the Oilers has reached more than $ 15 million. Tickets for this draw remain valid, but Alberta fans who wish to cancel any ticket purchases have until noon Thursday to make such requests and obtain a refund before a final total is determined and a ticket winner is drawn.

The total of recent 50/50 Flames was nearly $ 1.8 million, with the winner taking half and the other half going to the team’s community foundation.

The Flames had planned to host a 50/50 online draw for Tuesday’s playoff game against the Dallas Stars at Rogers Place in Edmonton.


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