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UPDATE, THURSDAY: California Public Health Today c683,529 cases have been confirmed to date, up 4,430 from Wednesday, with 12,550 deaths, up 143 from yesterday. Both figures are a slight downtrend from Wednesday.EARLIER: California Governor Gavin Newsom has announced what he called “a new partnership” in coronavirus testing. He said he was taking action in anticipation of the stress the flu season would put on the testing system.

“We have averaged about 100,000 tests in the state,” Newsom said. The average turnaround time for results is “5-7 days after testing”. Newsom acknowledged that

Development of a partnership with PerkinElmer to “build a new laboratory in California with a complete supply chain.” Newsom said the deal would provide much more reliable advertising stability.

California Coronavirus Update: Governor Gavin Newsom Issues New Reopening Guidelines; Children in schools, daycares, youth sports and colleges were told to operate in small groups of

The idea is “to reduce costs for everyone … to resume testing in a timely manner,” said the governor.

“California is using its market power to fight global supply chain challenges and protect Californians in the fight against COVID-19. Supply chains across the country have slowed as demand for COVID-19 testing has increased and the flu season will only exacerbate the problem, ”Newsom said.

“This is exactly what the federal government should be doing,” the governor said in order to “cut costs across the spectrum” from Medicaid to MediCare to private insurance and laboratories.

Currently, coronavirus tests cost between $ 150 and $ 250. The State made 10.8 million. “You can do the math,” he says.

Will provide 150,000 additional tests per day. “It’s additive,” he said, to the current daily total.

“We require testing within 24 hours, at most 48 hours.”

This speed will help the state to make decisions about the possibilities of reopening schools and reopening businesses. State Senator Richard Pan, chairman of the Senate Health Committee, said the tests were necessary to perform effective contact tracing and prevent further outbreaks.

New tests range from $ 47.99 to $ 30.78, depending on test volume. That’s at least 1/3 of the current minimum of $ 150.

Newsom said the state had “kicked the proverbial tire out” in terms of other suppliers, but landed on PerkinElmer because they could make guarantees on production.

The governor later said in a statement that “the goal is to set up a laboratory and start processing tens of thousands of additional tests by November 1 and to operate at full capacity by November 1 at the latest. March 2021. ”

In previous influenza pandemics – 1918, for example – November and December were the deadliest months.

While the testing skyrocket is vital to crafting a response to the pandemic in a state of 40 million, it remains to be seen how much of the increased testing capacity will actually be used by Californians. Aside from recent laboratory difficulties created by the wildfires, the 14-day average of daily total tests peaked on July 25 and has declined slightly since.

Nationally, testing numbers have dropped sharply in recent weeks.

On Wednesday morning, the Centers for Disease Control released new guidelines saying people who do not show symptoms of the virus do not need to be tested, even if they have been in close contact with an infected person. The guidelines deviated markedly from previous guidelines, suggesting that anyone potentially exposed be tested.

Admiral Brett Giroir, the country’s virus testing coordinator, denied media reports that the change was made in response to pressure from the White House. President Donald Trump has repeatedly suggested that the only reason the country has such a large number of cases of the virus – which has been used by political opponents to criticize its handling of the pandemic – is the sheer number of tests. He suggested that limiting testing would result in lower numbers.

Giroir told reporters the CDC’s change was “based on the best evidence to provide advice to people on who to test,” saying the goal was not to reduce testing, but to do more testing. “Appropriate”.

Newsom said categorically during his press conference: “I do not agree with the new directions of the CDC. Complete stop. ”

On Tuesday, the Department of Public Health issued a press release and began rolling out new guidelines for in-person supervision of children and limited education, targeted support services, and facilitation of distance learning in small children. groups. The guidelines are intended to help these programs understand the health and safety practices required to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their settings.

Much of what is new centers on learning “cohorts”, which are described as “a stable group of no more than 14 children or youth and no more than two supervising adults in a supervised environment in which adults and the supervising children stay together for all activities – for example, meals, recreation, etc. – and avoid any contact with people outside their group in the frame. The guide recommends groups of less than 14 whenever possible.

The governor said his full set of revised guidelines would be announced on Friday.

City News Service contributed to this report.


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