Business mogul buys $ 54m Parisian mansion, corpse quickly found in basement


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“Everyone was upset to learn that he had been there for so long, without any of us knowing,” Sabine Lebreton, head of a local group dedicated to preserving the mansion, told Paris.

“In February, just before the lockdown, the work was going well. Trucks of rubble left the site every day, ”said Lebreton. “Then suddenly everything stopped.

Police have now opened a murder investigation after finding broken bones and knife wounds on the body. Identity papers revealed that the body was that of Jean-Pierre Renaud, and forensics determined he had died 30 years ago.

A view of the manor street. Google Street View

“He was someone homeless, with a drinking problem,” a police source told Le Monde, and it is believed he may have been killed in a row with another person who was in a similar situation.

“We could imagine a fight with someone else living on the fringes … But it’s not known whether he died in the mansion or was brought there, and we may never know who was responsible.” It is quite possible that the murderer himself is now dead, ”police said.

Restoration of the mansion, close to the official residence of the French Prime Minister, will resume after the summer. It is being refurbished as an office space for an international company.


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