Burnaby’s PearTree restaurant to close after 23 years


PearTree Restaurant, a popular culinary landmark in Burnaby, British Columbia, is closing after 23 years.While the emergence of a pandemic coupled with an already difficult Vancouver area catering scene did not help matters, Scott Jaeger said the shutdown was expected for months.

Jaegar is co-owner alongside his wife, Stephanie Jaeger. Together they have enjoyed success with their Burnaby Heights restaurant, each of them being inducted into the BCRFA Restaurant Hall of Fame individually.

“It was amazing,” Stephanie said.

“It’s been 23 years. People come for their first dates. You see them having their first baby. And now all of a sudden this baby is coming to dinner on a date. ”

The high cost of rent was causing problems for the couple even before the pandemic forced restaurants to temporarily close, Scott said.

“The building has aged and changed and things have gotten more expensive. Our rent increase is pretty high… and we can’t really find a solution, ”he said.

“It didn’t happen overnight. It’s the last kind of year and a half that was built for this, negotiating and knowing it wasn’t going well. ”

For now, the two men say they hear the staff, past and present, remembering the history of the restaurant.

“Lots of cooks called this home and they trained here and learned here and you know, it’s a special place,” Scott said.

“We have certainly had a lot of former staff who have reached out to us over the last few days to say what this means to them,” Stephanie said.

The couple say they are not sure about their future plans, especially given the current conditions, but that they will not stray from the culinary scene.

“We’re always looking for that next location and project and the transition to what we’re doing,” Scott said.

The restaurant, located at 4120 E. Hasting Street, will take reservations until August 15, 2020 (The PearTree Restaurant)


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