Burnaby Whole Foods employee ‘really scared’ by store’s positive COVID-19 case


At least one coworker feels nervous because of what he calls a lack of detail provided to staff by management

An employee at the Whole Foods store in the Brentwood area of ​​Burnaby has tested positive for COVID-19.The news left at least one colleague nervous due to what they called a lack of detail provided to staff by management.

A Burnaby Whole Foods employee contacted the NOW about their colleague’s positive test and their concerns that staff were not informed further.

“Executives told everyone in the store that they wouldn’t say who has it or what department they’re in,” said the employee, whose name was not disclosed by the NOW due to concerns about discipline for speaking. “Everyone on the team is really scared.”

The employee who contacted the NOW says they are now afraid to go back to work.

When contacted by the NOW , Whole Foods confirmed via email that a “member of our Burnaby store team has been diagnosed with COVID-19”, adding that the company was not going to share further details “out of respect for the privacy of our team members ”, including the date of the positive test.

If you’re going to shop at Whole Foods in Burnaby, you’ll have to hide yourself. Getty Images

The company issued a statement.

“The safety of our team members and customers is our top priority and we diligently follow all guidelines from local health and food safety authorities,” said Whole Foods. “We are working closely with our store team members and supporting the diagnosed team member, who is in quarantine. As a precaution, the store performed professional deep cleaning and disinfection, in addition to our current improved sanitation measures. All Whole Foods Market stores continue to operate under social distancing and crowd control measures. In addition, we installed plexiglass barriers upon departure, we require temperature controls and face masks for anyone working in our stores, and have improved protocols for daily cleanliness and disinfection in all our shops.

Whole Foods stores in Canada require customers to wear masks and provide masks to any customer who does not have one.

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