Bully Ray and Velvet Sky slam Shawn Michaels’ sale of Randy Orton’s Punt Kick


Bully Ray and Velvet Sky weren’t too happy with the way Shawn Michaels sold Randy Orton’s punt on Raw. Bully Ray took to Twitter on Monday night after the main event segment of Raw, which saw Orton hit Michaels with an RKO and then a punt before Drew McIntyre came down to make the save. Michaels was able to recover enough that he was on his feet by the time the show stopped broadcasting and, in fact, by the time McIntyre took on his own RKO.Bully took to Twitter to call HBK for not selling the movement enough, and Sky responded to a tweet from Bully Ray this morning promoting Busted Open Radio as well as a fan’s. You can view the articles below:


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