BTS ‘new song’ Dynamite ‘is a perfect disco pick-me-up for the blues 2020


BTS have always sought to heal through their music. In the “Love Yourself” series – their most explicit way of doing it so far – they encouraged fans to start their own journey of self-acceptance and embrace who they are, their flaws and all. In older songs like “Lost”, “You Never Walk Alone” and many others, they reflected the concerns and issues facing listeners in Korea and beyond, giving them avenues to feel seen and seen. included.Read more: Every BTS song ranked in order of magnitude

It goes without saying that this current moment is an unprecedented time of global upheaval that has left many people struggling physically, mentally and economically. While their past posts don’t force BTS to spread joy at times like these, it seems natural that this group is trying to ‘share some positive energy’ and says a lot about their character that it’s their first push. to do. so. With “Dynamite” – their first song entirely in English not released in collaboration with another artist (like the remix “Waste It On Me” and “Mic Drop” by Steve Aoki) – they gave us both the song by been in a season that seems unusually dark and the perfect pick-me-up that’s strong enough to defeat even the unstoppable assault of 2020.

“Dynamite” harnesses the bright and infectious sounds of disco to convey its joyful energy, true to the genre’s tradition of serving as a form of escape when life gets tough. There are hand claps that get you to join us and hip beats ready to go for the dance floor. As the song enters its second third, a line of guitar worthy of Nile Rodgers’ acclaimed catalog enters, later joined by vibrant brass as Jin takes us ” shines through town with a bit of funk and soul“. Together, it becomes a dizzyingly glorious ointment to block out the darkness of the world.

« Ladies and gentlemen, I got the medicine / So you should keep your eyes on the ball», Said RM at one point. Many would scoff at the idea that a simple pop song could cure ailments in life, whether in the coronavirus era or before, but “Dynamite” is proof that music can. give us at least a temporary reprieve. .

Life might not be so ” as sweet as honeyLike BTS is singing right now but, on this song, they take you to a place where that feeling is viscerally, dazzling. Considering everything that has been thrown at us over the last six months, why would you want to turn your nose up at this?


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