BT Internet down due to outage in Scotland preventing 100,000 customers from using the web


Hundreds of thousands of BT customers faced problems getting online today after massive storms caused an outage in Edinburgh and other parts of Scotland.

‘Apocalyptic’ storms and flooding ravaged parts of the UK last night in the wake of the heat wave, and BT says this caused an outage at its Edinburgh exchange, where domestic broadband cables feed.


BT’s broadband appears to have been used for hundreds of customers this morningCredit: PA: Press Association

Two months of rain fell in four hours, inundating streets and homes as temperatures hit 34 ° C (93.2 ° F) yesterday for the fifth day in a row.

BT says 100,000 customers are affected by the outage, and nearly 1,000 people have reported problems on the Down Detector outage site, the majority saying they have problems with their internet.

In a statement, a BT spokesperson said: “Severe storms and flooding in Edinburgh last night damaged some broadband equipment in our exchange buildings.

“As a result, some customers in Edinburgh and a small number of other places in Scotland may not be able to connect to the internet.

Almost 1,000 people reported issues with BT todayCrédit: Down Detector
BT customers across the country say they are having issues


BT customers across the country say they are having issuesCredit: Down detector

“Engineers are doing everything they can to restore affected customers as soon as possible. Due to the extent of the damage, we expect engineers to complete their work in the exchanges later today (Wednesday) – at this point we can assess any other related impact.

“Most telephone and mobile services are not affected and we apologize for any inconvenience. ”

The vendor recommends that customers check their service status tool for updates.

But BT’s state of service tool is also reporting phone and broadband issues elsewhere in the UK and Down Detector believes the issues are UK-wide.

We have seen reports of problems on social media in Eastleigh in Hampshire and West London, as well as in and around Edinburgh.

BT says lightning strikes may have affected its lines elsewhere in the UK, causing broadband outages.




BT broadband customers reported network usage issues this morning


BT broadband customers reported network usage issues this morning

This follows a sharp increase in complaints last night where nearly 1,500 people reported issues with their BT service on Down Detector.

The latest problems will be another blow to millions of Britons working from home who have already suffered numerous outages on different networks during the coronavirus lockdown.

Last month, Virgin Media’s website and customer emails went down, leaving thousands unable to connect.

Can I get compensation if my broadband is interrupted?

BROADBAND and phone customers typically receive compensation from vendors for service or engineer visit issues – but this program has been temporarily suspended.

Under the current circumstances of the coronavirus, suppliers are less likely to be able to make repairs, install new services, or make home visits.

Usually, customers would receive £ 8 for each day the service ceases to function after two working days of outage.

Customers also typically owe £ 25 if an engineer misses an appointment or cancels with less than 24 hours’ notice.

If there is a delay in starting a new service you will usually receive £ 5 for each day including the missed start date.

If your service goes down, it’s worth asking for compensation, even if it doesn’t fall into one of these categories.

If you are not satisfied and they do not resolve your complaint, you can submit it to one of two Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs – Mediation Services: Communications or Communications Adjustment System and internet services.

A BT customer tweeted this morning: “He says the local outage in my area (Eastleigh) was resolved last night, but it certainly wasn’t. Not all the street can connect to broadband. ”

Another wrote: ‘Are you having broadband issues in Edinburgh and do you know when things will pick up if they do? ”

Someone added, “Oh well, it’s the kids’ first day back to school today, so already stressful, why not have a broadband outage so I can’t connect? at work and spend my morning waiting instead? Thank you @bt_uk »

How to check if BT is down?

Broadband issues are frustrating for customers as thousands of people continue to work from home.

BT has a service checker on their website so you can see how the services are performing in your area.

You must enter your phone number to verify your line.

Major broadband providers recently agreed to switch millions of vulnerable customers to cheaper deals saving them £ 70 a year.

Meanwhile, universal credit applicants can get home telephony and broadband from BT for just £ 10 per month.

And if you’re struggling to pay your bills, you should be offered a repayment vacation.

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