Britons quarantined after holidays in France “authorized shopping trip on their way home”


Britons returning from France are allowed to shop before going into quarantine.At the end of last week, the government announced that France, the Netherlands and several other countries were added to the quarantine list.

The announcement prompted thousands of Britons to quickly change their vacation plans with the aim of getting home before 4 a.m. on Saturday.

Those who returned to the UK after this time were left to figure out how to juggle work, childcare and daily chores like shopping.

A government source told the Telegraph that people were allowed to go to the supermarket on their way home from the airport, train station or ferry port.

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Quarantine announcement sparked a rush among Britons in France

They stressed that this trip was only a last resort.

According to official guidelines, people should only leave their homes for basic necessities such as food and medicine in exceptional circumstances where delivery is not possible.

Brits in isolation are not even allowed to walk their dogs.

If they do, they face a fine of £ 1,000.

As taking children to school is also prohibited, parents will not be fined if their children accumulate days of absence.

A source from the Department of Transportation said schools will be required to “provide distance education to every child.”

Those breaking quarantine face a fine of £ 1,000
Those breaking quarantine face a fine of £ 1,000

Parts of the quarantine seemed a bit absurd to some people caught up in it.

A man has been left to continue his life while his partner will have to quarantine in the house they share as they returned from France two days apart.

Daniel Sutton returned from vacation on Saturday at 11 p.m. – five hours before the 14-day quarantine period went into effect.

Her partner Iona Smith is due to arrive home on Monday after spending extra time with her French family, which means she will have to self-isolate for two weeks.

Daniel doesn't have to isolate himself, but his wife does
Daniel doesn’t have to isolate himself, but his partner Iona does

Despite the fact that he will be sharing a house in Glasgow with her, Daniel does not have to isolate himself under government rules.

The people who live with these people in quarantine do not need to self-isolate, unless they are traveling with them.

This does not include Brits who returned to the country separately on either side of the quarantine limit.

Daniel told Mirror Online, “I work as a delivery guy for Asda and they’ve checked (the rules) pretty thoroughly, as they can’t wait for me to get back to work.

“I go to work every day. I also understand that I can still go out to pubs and restaurants, which I obviously will not do because it seems wrong to me. “


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