Britain unlikely to use Russia’s ‘unreliable’ Covid vaccine


Public health experts are convinced that it would be impossible for the British to accept a vaccine from another country without all internationally recognized protocols being followed. These cover testing ethics and transparency, and require full publication of data for peer review.Azeem Majeed, professor of primary care at Imperial College London, said: “We have strict and rigorous processes. It is unthinkable that the government will relax these rules.

Prof Majeed said some countries, desperate to find a quick fix, might be tempted to turn a blind eye to agreed protocols. But he believed that the United States, United Kingdom or Germany would win the race to produce the first vaccine for international use.

Bharat Pankhania, Clinical Lecturer at the University of Exeter Faculty of Medicine, said: “No government will adopt a product that has not passed international scrutiny. It would be an act of supreme madness.

Chinese media reported last month that a coronavirus vaccine is being used to immunize the Chinese military – making it the first vaccine approved for people. Professor Majeed said there were clear ethical issues in the military being used effectively as a guinea pig.

China and Russia are both accused of attempting to steal Western coronavirus research. They deny the allegations.


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