Bride posing for wedding photos taken in Beirut explosion


A bride posing for her wedding photos was caught in the Beirut explosion – and filmed running for her life amid the debris.Dr Israa Seblani smiled proudly in her figure-hugging white lace gown with a big train as she posed in a nearly empty plaza near her downtown wedding venue, Le Gray Hotel, on Tuesday afternoon.

As the videographer moved to show a yellow bouquet placed on the train of her dress, the camera shook slightly – before the main explosion lashed the dress and spun the cameraman.

After dialing the camera, the videographer managed to return to the original location – capturing a man guiding the bride as she fled to safety.

The peaceful plaza was now full of smoke and broken glass, with the bride dodging overturned tables in the video viewed over 2.5 million times on Wednesday.

Dr Israa Seblani, a bride posing for her wedding photos, was caught in the Beirut explosion.
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The explosion, attributed to 2,750 tonnes of fertilizer in a warehouse, killed at least 100 people – a number officials fear rising – and also left up to 300,000 people homeless.

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