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A man wanted for allegedly killing his ex-wife and boyfriend in France was arrested this week at his home in Briargate, federal court documents show.

Investigators located Charles Andrew Dietrich, 44, at his home at 2805 Helmsdale Drive, 36 hours after French authorities issued an arrest warrant for him and notified federal investigators and Colorado Springs police, documents show .

On July 29, authorities found Dietrich’s wife and a man, believed to have been her boyfriend, dead inside their home in northern France, court documents show. Both were naked and investigators found 18 gun casings inside the house.

According to French authorities, Dietrich left France to live in the United States after he and his wife separated, along with their three children. Witnesses told investigators the couple’s relationship had been unstable and that they believed his wife had “stolen” their children after receiving primary custody, documents show.

Information from US customs and border control showed Dietrich flew to France on July 27 and surveillance footage showed him exiting a taxi near his ex-wife’s home that evening with a small shopping bag, according to the documents. We see him returning to the hotel, without the plastic bag, around 3:30 am the next day.

Investigators also found a DNA profile on the light switch inside a laundry room, next to where Dietrich’s wife and her boyfriend were killed, court documents show. Although the DNA profile has yet to be matched, authorities believe it is linked to Dietrich’s three children, who were in the United States at the time of the murders.

On August 14, a US Marshal saw a car registered to Dietrich at his home in Briargate and three days later saw a man inside through the window, court documents show. The French government plans to extradite Dietrich, according to a document signed on Monday.

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