Brian Hook: Resignation of State Department Special Envoy for Iran


Brian Hook, a political member who has become one of Pompeo’s main advisers, will leave the post amid a campaign to polarize the United States to extend the embargo on conventional arms to Iran.

“Special Representative Hook has been my privileged interlocutor on Iran for over two years and he has achieved historic results against the Iranian regime,” Pompeo said in a statement.

<< Il a réussi à négocier avec les Iraniens la libération de Michael White et Xiyue Wang de prison. Le Représentant spécial Hook a également servi avec distinction en tant que directeur de la planification des politiques et a mis en branle une série de nouvelles stratégies qui ont fait progresser les intérêts de sécurité nationale des États-Unis. et nos alliés », a déclaré le haut diplomate américain. « Il a été un conseiller de confiance pour moi et un bon ami. Je le remercie pour son service. » Hook has served as Special Envoy since August 2018. Previously, he was the Department's Director of Policy Planning, where he and other policy appointees were under the scrutiny of the Department's watchdog for improper retaliation against a career civil servant.

He will be replaced in the role of special envoy by Elliott Abrams, who is currently the department’s special representative for Venezuela, Pompeo said. Abrams will retain this role.Hook was a vocal spokesperson for the administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran and led the prosecution over efforts to prevent the lifting of the conventional arms embargo against Iran – which is to expire legally in October under Iran’s terms. nuclear deal to which the administration withdrew in 2018.

Just hours before the New York Times first reported that Hook was planning to step down, the special envoy showed up with U.S. Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft for brief reports on efforts to to extend the embargo.

The United States says it can still participate in the nuclear deal to insist that the legal end of the arms embargo be overturned. The claim angered and angered US allies who remain in the deal and worried experts, who say the move could ultimately spell the end of the nuclear deal. U.S. officials, including Hook, argued that the United States was still legally a participant.

Pompeo told reporters on Wednesday that “next week the United States will present a resolution to the Security Council to extend the arms embargo against Iran.”

In his tenure as Special Representative, two Americans were released from Iranian prison – Michael White and Xiyue Wang. However, other Americans remain imprisoned there, notably Baquer and Siamak Namazi and Morad Tahbaz.

Hook has long praised the success of the administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran. However, since President Donald Trump took office and pulled the United States out of the landmark nuclear deal, Tehran has become more aggressive and less compliant with the terms of the deal. It withdrew from its commitments under the deal, surpassing uranium enrichment levels and resuming the use of centrifuges at the Fordow plant for enrichment. Tehran has said it will return to compliance as soon as the United States returns to the treaty and lifts its unilateral sanctions on Iran.


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