Brexit trade deal ‘landing zone’ in sight, Irish Taoiseach says


COnservative MPs have warned that Downing Street is preparing “the ready made guillotine” for Gavin Williamson amid chaos over today’s exam results.The education secretary today insisted that the 11th hour changes introduced would ensure a strong system is in place for all students who wish to appeal the assessment, with up to 40 % of scores submitted by teachers in England being adjusted, which would lead to chaos expectations for the appeals staff and the college compensation process.

But he stressed that there would be no U-turn in Scotland, telling Times Radio: “We are not going to change this system again. ”

However, Tory MPs have warned that if the chaos is not resolved, Mr Williamson’s job could be in jeopardy.

One of them said: “Obviously they get the guillotine ready to go. However, I think things depend on grades and calls, as well as when school starts in September… and if that becomes a big mess. The simulated change came on and should have been done weeks ago. ”

A former minister said: ‘He has clearly seen the chaos in Scotland and is trying to move to prevent this scenario. Instead, he just made himself look panicked and incompetent.

“In short, he’s justifying his own sacking… the question is how scared Boris Johnson is of him – he’s really mean when he’s in a corner. ”

A third backbench MP added: “It’s a joke, it’s a shame and Gavin Williamson should bow his head in shame and resign. He was a useless Secretary of Defense and even worse Secretary of Education.

“You can forgive Track and Trace, you can forgive PPE, because we’ve been dealing with things that we’ve never dealt with before, but we do exams every year… and we’ve had six months to to do things well. “


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