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Political commentator Harry Cole has argued that leaked documents showing the UK government bracing for a no-deal Brexit scenario changed the atmosphere between the UK and the EU. While speaking on TalkRadio, he said the leaked documents put pressure on both sides to strike a good trade deal. He added that this will have highlighted the need for French President Emmanuel Macron to prepare as well, if France expects smooth transport of goods to major ports after the end of the transition period.

Mr Cole said: ‘If this document contemplates the possibility of what could happen in a no-deal Brexit, it puts pressure on both sides.“This puts pressure on the divide in Brussels and in particular on France.

“It’s because of the way they are connected to Dover and Calais.

“It puts pressure on the EU to really fix this problem, come to an agreement and make sure that kind of thing doesn’t happen.

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“If a no-deal Brexit were to happen, the idea that it’s only us who will be affected is also absurd. ”

Mr Cole dismissed claims the government was looking for ways to reverse Brexit and prevent it from happening.

He said: “Absolutely not, all you have to do is listen to public statements by David Frost, Michael Gove or Boris Johnson.

“They are all very clear.

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Mr Cole reflected on the growing pressure on Boris Johnson’s government to prepare for any eventuality.

He said: “This isn’t like the last time the Remainder Parliament was able to hijack it and force Boris Johnson to ask for an extension.

“All of those games are over now and I don’t miss those days.

“It’s written in the law, so if nothing happens now, no deal is done, on January 1 the trade barriers will go up, the tariffs will go up and we will negotiate according to the rules of the World Trade Organization. ”

It comes amid leaked documents which suggest Cabinet has made contingency plans to protect the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit coinciding with a second wave of coronavirus.


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