Brenton Tarrant ‘wicked and inhuman’ sentenced to life without parole


In March, Tarrant had pleaded guilty to 51 counts of murder, 40 counts of attempted murder and one count of terrorism, overturning his previous not guilty pleas.Prosecutors said Tarrant flew a drone over the Al Noor Mosque and studied the layout as he meticulously planned his attacks. He arrived with six guns including two AR-15s.

Crown Prosecutor Mark Zarifeh has said his goal is to kill as many people as possible.

“The actions of the offender are a painful and heartbreaking mark in New Zealand history,” he said.

Tarrant was noticeably skinnier during his sentencing hearing than when he was arrested. He did not show the courage he did on his first court appearance the day after the attacks, when he made a hand gesture sometimes adopted by white supremacists.

Dressed in a gray prison tracksuit, Tarrant showed little emotion during his sentencing. He would watch the speakers, sometimes nodding or covering his mouth while laughing at the jokes, often made at his expense.

Sara Qasem spoke at the four-day hearing Thursday about her beloved father Abdelfattah, who was killed in the attacks.

“All a girl wants is her father. I want to take more trips with him. I want to smell his kitchen from the garden. Her cologne, ”she says.

“I want to hear him tell me more about the olive trees in Palestine. I want to hear his voice. My father’s voice. The voice of my baba. ”

Ms Ardern, who declined to publicly say Tarrant’s name, said: “I want to salute the strength of our Muslim community who have shared his words in court in recent days. You relived the horrific events of March 15 to tell what happened. day and the pain he left behind.

“Nothing will take the pain away from you, but I hope you have felt New Zealand’s arms around you throughout this process, and I hope you continue to feel this for all of the following days.

“The trauma of March 15 is not easily healed, but today, I hope, is the last where we have a reason to hear or say the name of the terrorist behind it.”


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