Brazil Bolsonaro: Facebook says to block accounts of supporters of the president


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Several supporters of Mr. Bolsonaro are accused of disseminating false information via social networks

Facebook complied with an order from Brazil’s Supreme Court to block the accounts of a dozen prominent allies of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro.

The group is accused of spreading false news against the judges.

However, the social media giant said the measure was a threat to free speech, and said it would appeal the order.

Its platform was used to call for a military coup to shut down Congress and the Supreme Court.

In May, a judge ordered Facebook to block 12 accounts and Twitter 16 others.

Brazil’s Supreme Court on Friday fined Facebook 1.92 million reais ($ 368,000; £ 280,000) for refusing to block global access to accounts – it had only agreed to block access to accounts accessible from Brazil – and an additional 100,000 reais for each day. did not comply.

It was not clear whether Twitter had also been fined.

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Facebook said in a statement that the order was extreme, “in conflict with laws and jurisdictions around the world.”

“Given the threat of criminal liability for a local employee, at this point we see no alternative but to comply with the ruling by freezing accounts globally, while we appeal to the Supreme Court.” , did he declare.

Among the blocked accounts are those of Roberto Jefferson, leader of a party loyal to the president, and Luciano Hang, one of Brazil’s best-known businessmen.

Facebook and Twitter are under increasing pressure to tackle hate speech and fake news.

In July, Facebook blocked dozens of accounts on Facebook and Instagram that it said were involved in creating “fictional characters posing as journalists” and “posing as news organizations”.

He said he linked the accounts to employees in the offices of Mr Bolsonaro, his sons Eduardo and Flávio, and others.


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