Braves: Candidates will be removed from the roster when it is reduced to 28 players


We’re officially one week away from the shortened 60-game MLB season, which is already 1 / 10th from the end. It also means at this time next week; clubs will have to cut their rosters by two players from 30 to 28. Two weeks later, teams will have to cut two more players, creating a regular roster of 26 players for the remainder of the season.The Braves have a lot of depth in their field and roster, but some tough decisions will have to be made in August. Here’s who’s on the hot seat this week.

* I will rank them from most likely to be cut to least likely.

* I will not include Scott Schebler on this list, who will be replaced by Nick Markakis once he joins the club after returning to the 2020 season.

* It’s also worth mentioning that another reliever will lose his place on the list next week once Will Smith is activated from the COVID-19 list.

1. Grant Dayton

At this point, I’m not sure how Grant Dayton survives the first round of cuts. He was part of the 30-man roster because the Braves needed extra relievers since their starting pitchers were going to be counted. Atlanta was also on the hunt for reliable left-handed relievers aside from Will Smith. After this week, the starting pitchers should be pretty much fully stretched, so the need for a bunch of extra relievers won’t be as necessary. And when it comes to left-handed relievers, AJ Minter and Tyler Matzek have proven to be better options. Dayton will almost certainly be one of the two cut players when the roster drops to 28.

2. Touki Toussaint

No reason to beat around the bush; Toussaint looked awful on his first outing of the season. He replaced Mike Foltynewicz on Monday and allowed six earned runs in just 2.2 innings. Brian Snitker said earlier today, Toussaint will be leaving instead of Foltynewicz tomorrow. If Toussaint delivers a solid outing he could stay, but if he looks like he did on Monday it could very well be his last chance.

3. Charlie Culberson

Most Braves fans won’t want to hear this, but after the addition of Matt Adams and with the return of Nick Markakis, Charlie Culberson is unlikely to be on that list for the entire season. Even if he gets past those first cuts, he will almost certainly be on the chopping block in a few weeks unless there are injuries or positive COVID tests. Charlie Clutch has only had two at-bats this season, and he’s out both times.

4. Tyler Matzek

If Dayton somehow survives the cut, Matzek will likely be the left-handed reliever the Braves decide to cut. However, Matzek has looked very efficient on his two outings this year, pitching two scoreless innings with three strikeouts. We’ll probably have to see a fit on his part next week for the Braves to send him to Gwinnett’s camp. At the very least, he earned himself an extended look.

5. Jhoulys Chacin

Chacin was added just before the season and looked fantastic in his only outing, throwing 3.2 shutout innings against the Mets. Due to the Braves’ current difficulties in their rotation, I find it highly unlikely that he will be part of the first set of Cups, but if he throws terribly this week, the Braves could decide to go in one direction. different.

6. Darren O’Day

I don’t think it’s likely that the Braves have cut Darren O’Day so early in the season, but it’s possible that they are comfortable with their right-handed people in the bullpen and they won’t. ‘don’t feel like they need him anymore. He should look pretty horrible next week for that to happen, however.

7. AJ Minter

Given his perks and appearance so far this season, Minter would need to implode in a few outings for the Braves to cut him in a week. His left side power arm gives him a lot more room for error than the other guys on this list.


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