Brad Garrett says mistreatment of Ellen’s staff “common knowledge”


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While the issues of producing Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime talk show Ellen-which now include sexual misconduct complaints against several major producers, in addition to previous reports of the show’s “toxic” work environment – which have become increasingly common topics of public conversation, it was probably only a matter of time before the celebrities passing by. often through the illuminated set of the show express their opinions on the subject. Especially after DeGeneres herself released her first public statement on the accusations earlier this week, the one who portrayed all of the problems on the show’s set as the product of her over-delegation to producers and being out of the loop on problems, with DeGeneres stating that she “couldn’t stay.” on top of everything. ”

This statement prompted a response from at least one former frequent guest: actor and comedian Brad Garrett, who tweeted that it was “common knowledge” that the show’s staff were “treated horribly” by DeGeneres. in particular, and that the show’s problems all come “from above.”

According to IMDB, Garrett has appeared on the show six times, all in the mid-2000s. Actress Lea Thompson (who has never been on Ellen, as far as we can tell) backed up Garrett’s statement with a simple “true story.” This is. This is all in line with rumors that have been circulating in DeGeneres for years – and which Buzzfeedreport on the working conditions of the show notably avoided, highlighting the institutional flaws in the show’s DNA as opposed to individual anecdotes of alleged cruelty at work.

It remains to be seen whether these answers will begin to appear from more frequent Ellen guests, or how “common knowledge” translates into action in the real world. Warner Bros. said he was pursuing “staff changes” on the series, presumably focused on at least some of the producers who have been named in the reports.


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