Bosnian Muslim family in France at risk of deportation after abusing daughter


Sarajevo – A Bosnian Muslim family in France who severely beat and shaved the head of a 17-year-old girl must be deported after her trial.

French authorities rejected the parents’ asylum request in December 2019, L’Est Républicain reported, but the pandemic border closure ultimately prevented their deportation. The uncle and aunt implicated in the abuses have refugee status, although Doubs secretary general Jean-Philippe Setbon said: “We can review their situation and we will.”

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin condemned the act on Twitter on August 23, saying the family would be taken to the border after the legal proceedings because they had “nothing to do on French soil”.

The young woman suffered abuse after having a relationship with a Christian Serb. She had fled her family’s apartment after condemning the marriage talks with her boyfriend, and upon her return suffered brutal abuse from her mother, father, uncle and aunt .

The incident took place in the Clairs-Soleils district of Besançon, a city in eastern France, near the border with Switzerland, according to Agence France-Presse (AFP).

The four family members currently in detention, along with the daughter, are from Bosnia and Herzegovina and arrived in France in 2017.

The young woman started seeing the 20-year-old Serbian man 11 months ago and initially kept the seriousness of their relationship a secret from her family.

On August 24, four days after fleeing his family’s apartment in France, the young woman, her boyfriend and her family visited on Bosnian Muslim household in the low-income district of Besançon.

The situation quickly escalated and the girl was taken to a room in the apartment and brutally beaten. “She was shaved, according to her testimony, by her uncle – her father’s brother – while she was beaten,” Deputy Prosecutor Margaret Parietti told AFP.

The boyfriend and his family quickly alerted the authorities. After hearing the police sirens, the Bosnian Muslim family tried to hide their daughter, but FranceThe police quickly located her and took her to the hospital.

The young woman was left with a broken rib, multiple bruises on her body, as well as potentially permanent damage to her ears.

Parietti said the four family members would stand trial for violence against minors. The trial is scheduled to take place in October.

The violent act may be the result of a long history of ethnic tensions between the Muslim and Christian populations in the region. This story includes a violent war in the 1990s that culminated in the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Bosnian Muslims, as well as one of the worst humanitarian and refugee crises in Europe since World War II.

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