Boli Bolingoli was a disgrace for Celtic, but I was disgusted by politicians’ ‘privileged’ digs – Chris Sutton – Chris Sutton


Boli Bolingoli behaved like an idiot. It is not for debate.I must have smiled when Neil Lennon said he might have a hard time getting into the locker room. Fight?

If it’s like the dressing room we shared at Celtic, Bolingoli would have been lucky enough to come out of it in one piece when news of his stupid jolly Spain broke, let alone that.

The Aberdeen boys were also guilty of being negligent when they walked into the pub at age eight.

You cannot tolerate breaking the rules. But I have to be honest, I am also very worried about the way footballers are treated and politicians and others talk.

In fact, I will go further. Some of the terms Nicola Sturgeon and Jason Leitch used last week actually made me angry.

Both stood in their podium and spoke of privilege.

Leitch said a bubble system was designed because players are privileged and can do things that the rest of the population is not. What is it then? Go to their work?

That’s what footballers are put in a bubble to do: get to work.

So are supermarket staff, or those who work in the hotel industry, or those who go to office buildings.

They are not sent on a free vacation to Barbados. They go to work to do their job, which their employers pay them for.

How is it privileged?

Leitch had a Zoom meeting with the directors and captains earlier this week and I was squeamish when I heard the way he was talking about it.

Mentioning how he reminded them of their responsibilities, he actually said, “I haven’t missed them, I think you can rest assured. ”

Haven’t you missed them? Who does he think he is, John Wayne?

I hate to criticize anyone who tries to keep people safe, let alone the national clinical director. But you can criticize such condescending language – that’s not helpful.

Covid-19 is very serious. No one takes him more seriously than I do. I was deeply upset by the English Premier League talking about start dates at the start of the pandemic as people were dying by the thousands.

My dad is at high risk so I don’t like going out for meals or anything like that at the moment.

But I know my boys are going to get food and a pint here and there. This is good because I know they will be very careful.

Bolingoli’s indiscretion was shameful. What he did was indefensible. It was a blatant lack of respect for everyone. The Aberdeen boys were more guilty of poor judgment.

Dons players pictured in Aberdeen on Saturday

We all know there are a lot of people in the UK doing the exact same thing the Dons guys do. There are loads of people who get caught breaking the rules and they get a slap in the face or a warning. Maybe even a small fine.

I hear talk about players having to do community service if they are caught breaking the rules. Public Service? It is a term related to people who could be sent to prison. It’s absurd.

Of course, it is too late. If they had the right steps in place to start, we wouldn’t have had these recent issues.

If the penalties had been a six week salary fine and a six game ban for any player, I would bet we wouldn’t have any rule violations.

But now, as usual, it is a question of the authorities being reactive rather than proactive.

Players will feel like they can no longer go out to restaurants or cafes.

It bothers me that these guys feel like they can’t get through the door now, whereas boys and girls from Scotland can hang out with three of their buddies for a latte or pizza.

Sturgeon said she is asking members of the public to make huge sacrifices in the way they live their lives and that she cannot let privileged soccer players just decide they are not going to s ‘worry about it.

The Prime Minister spoke about yellow cards, how the next incident will be a red one and football could be stopped.

But when her chief medical officer was caught breaking the rules at her vacation home in Fife, I don’t remember talking about the closure of Holyrood.

In fact, if I remember correctly, Sturgeon initially chose to keep Catherine Calderwood in her job until the weight of public pressure forced this situation to change.

Catherine Calderwood

Let me clarify this. I am not defending Bolingoli or anyone who flaunts the rules with such blatant disregard.

Nor am I saying that the Aberdeen boys haven’t done anything wrong in the current climate.

But part of the discussion is about the score. Footballers are easy targets.

It was the same at first when people demanded to take pay cuts and donate to charities as well as the NHS. This was back in the days when TV, movie and music stars weren’t even mentioned and some were laying off staff.

These guys are like prisoners now. They won’t even be able to go to the garage to get gas without a vigilante holding a cell phone and trying to take their picture to get them into trouble.

If you think that being allowed to go to work and do your job means that you are privileged, that makes every working man and woman in the country who goes for their transplant every morning privileged right now.

But do you think a milkman, mechanic or plumber who breaks the rules of Covid-19 is going to get community service or be chosen for a personalized government conference?

No, neither do I. So why should footballers be any different?


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