Blizzard employees wage revolt as they anonymously share their wages


Blizzard Entertainment staff revolt over wages after an internal study aimed at ensuring fair wages failed to deliver the expected results for workers. Employees started sharing an anonymous salary spreadsheet on Friday, encouraging people to share their salary and recent salary increases.Bloomberg reports that most salary increases awarded after the Blizzard study were less than 10%, significantly lower than most people expected. Blizzard Entertainment employees have previously described having to skip meals to earn rent, while a veteran claims to earn less now than he was with Blizzard nearly a decade ago.

Last year, parent company Activision Blizzard asked Blizzard Entertainment to cut costs, which resulted in hundreds of job cuts, with new responsibilities being placed on the remaining workers without a pay rise. The same story has been repeating itself for several years, even as the company posts record profits.

Someone added CEO Bobby Kotick’s salary and compensation to the anonymous spreadsheet to compare other salaries listed. Kotick is one of the highest paid executives in the entertainment media industry, earning $ 30 million last year.

“Our goal has always been to ensure that we compensate our employees fairly and competitively,” an Activision Blizzard spokesperson told Bloomberg. “We are constantly reviewing compensation philosophies to better recognize the talent of our top performing employees and to keep us competitive in the industry, all with the goal of rewarding and investing more in the best people.


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