Blazers rally around worried Jusuf Nurkic – the Athletic


There are moments in the sport that reveal character, and while the Trail Blazers knew a long time ago that Jusuf Nurkic was a unique and talented soul worth embracing, last week got the team to appreciate it a bit. the bigger the big man, and maybe to kiss a little tighter. “Nurk,” said team captain Damian Lillard, “is a special person and player.

His credentials as a player were re-validated last week in Orlando when the NBA resumed. He dominated three scrimmages and in Friday’s opener against Memphis he had one of those stat sets that send historians to leaf through the record books to see if he threatened a record: 18 points, nine rebounds. , six blocks, five assists and two interceptions. It was the first time he had played competitively in 16 months as he had broken two bones in the lower left leg and had to be operated on to insert a metal rod for stability.

But beyond the triumphant return to …


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