Birds’ social media accounts are no longer active due to backlash over worker layoff


Birds Bakery’s social media accounts are no longer active as it faces a backlash for firing one of its employees for letting customers pay in cash. Her main Twitter and Facebook pages disappeared today, August 1, at 4:30 p.m.

Petitions were created asking the Derby-based chain to change its policy of not accepting cash, but it has stuck to its card-only mandate.

The firm says it is “constantly reviewing” coronavirus policies, including the possible reintroduction of cash payments.

It comes after Megan Metcalfe was fired from the company for gross misconduct after more than 40 years of employment with the company.

The cabinet confirmed that Ms Metcalfe’s post would not be reinstated.

She told Nottinghamshire Live that many customers of the Birds store in Radcliffe-on-Trent where she worked were elderly and did not have cards.

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To make sure they didn’t leave empty-handed, she would ask them to put the money straight into her purse, then write the payment on her card before showing them the receipt.

The bakery company said it was “with regret” that she had to fire Ms Metcalfe for her actions.

Birds also made headlines when Nottinghamshire Live reported that a 94-year-old customer who wanted to buy bread at the Bulwell branch had to walk away empty-handed as she only had cash.

Katherine Clarke has started a petition calling on Birds to accept money and reinstate Megan in her post after her dismissal.

The 34-year-old, from The Meadows, told Nottinghamshire Live: “What happened to Megan was unfathomable.

“There has been so much anger over this with comments all over the place. She was trying to help clients.

Birds Bakery has been criticized for its decision

“This situation should never have happened.

“A lot of older people don’t have a card and only use cash – that’s what they know.

“So many businesses still accept cash and it should be the same. ”

Ms. Clarke’s petition has already attracted more than 2,400 signatures.

Arnold resident Emlyn Mousley has also started a petition asking Megan to be offered her job.

The 43-year-old Arnold said: ‘We the people of Nottingham think this decision is absolutely disgusting.

“Regardless of the company’s Covid-19 rules on payment processing, the decision to treat a loyal employee in this way for lifelong service is incredible and should have been dealt with more appropriately through a simple disciplinary meeting. or simply put aside and explained why his actions are not appropriate. ”

Following the story of Megan’s dismissal reported by Nottinghamshire Live, Birds responded to petitions and said they spoke to staff about the Covid-19 procedures.

Bosses say the “overwhelming response” from staff was that they preferred not to touch bills and coins while they were working.

The cabinet also said Megan would not be reinstated, but she has since found a new role elsewhere.

Lesley Bird, Director of Operations at Birds Bakery, told Nottinghamshire Live: “We are aware of the petition and we are also aware of another petition launched by elderly customers in support of Birds.

“These people currently support our card only policy and recognize that we try to keep our staff and customers safe.

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“Birds and a number of major operators have a card-only policy during this pandemic. We are constantly reviewing our Covid-19 procedures, including the reintroduction of cash payments.

“Birds employs 800 people and has 60 stores in the East Midlands. We spoke to our staff about our Covid-19 procedures and the overwhelming response was that they preferred not to touch the notes and coins at the moment and we took those wishes very seriously.

“Our card-only policy was not taken lightly. We take the safety of our staff and customers very seriously – and have very strict procedures in place during this continuing pandemic.

“We’re sorry that so many people are upset about Megan Metcalfe’s firing from Birds, but she violated our health and safety policy and we took it very seriously.

“Megan will not be reinstated – we wish her the best of luck in the new role she’s got since leaving Birds. ”

The company also added in a statement that customers Joyce Bramble, 89, and Emily Akers, 91, are both regulars at Birds who have continued to visit throughout the pandemic.

Joyce said: “The birds have been wonderful during this pandemic and the staff are caring and want to protect us and we love them.

“The card-only policy is in place for the benefit of not only the staff, but also us.

“The birds are just trying to protect us. I use my card, I don’t want to use cash because it’s dirty. I really feel safe at Birds. “


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