Bills signs Sean McDermott multi-year contract extension


Since McDermott’s arrival in 2017, he’s not only rebuilt the team’s makeup, but its collective culture as well. A culture, built on commitment to a daily self-improvement process for the benefit of the team, love and respect. His mantra of “Caliber Playoff” is something that gamers have completely embraced.

“It was just something he kept saying,” Pat DiMarco said. “Guys would hear it but not always experience it. Now it’s our nature. It’s like that. It’s like that. First you get used to it, then the habit trains you. So it’s a habit now. You come here and ‘Playoff Caliber’ is the norm. Not just on the pitch, but in the weight room, the meeting room. The caliber of the playoffs is what we do every day. Guys are working their tail.

“Probably the second most important thing he preaches is your love for the guy next to you. You are going to sell yourself, not for yourself or your contract, but for the guy next to you and his family and well-being. There is just a lot to do. When you care and love the guy you’re playing for, you’ll only play that much better. “


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