Bill Maher relentlessly trolls Trump’s QAnon nuts: “I’m Q”


Friday night, a week after his network mate John Oliver delved into the suffocating absurdity of QAnon, a conspiracy theory postulating that an undercover agent named Q is leaking knowledge online about how Trump is carrying out a secret war against a Satan-worshiping Hollywood and Democratic Elite cabal, baby-eaters, pedophiles who extract children’s fear for a drug they are devilishly addicted to called Adrenochrome (or the plot of the Pixar movie Monsters Inc.), Bill Maher joined in the madness.”Now that Republicans have started to welcome QAnon into politics, it’s time Americans learned what it is,” the Real time the host explained. “QAnon is a growing movement within the Republican Party that believes the world is run behind the scenes by a small group of elitist liberals and Hollywood celebrities who are both Satan worshipers and baby-eating and carrying pedophiles. red shoes to signal their membership in this group. A group that includes Hillary Clinton, Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, the Pope and every president since Reagan.


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