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Bill Maher returned to original episodes for the first time in a month, still resigned to recording HBO Real time in his own house.He came back with a bang, with a solid guest list that included Kerry Washington discussing her documentary ACLU The fight, Jim Carrey on his new bestselling novel, and a lively discussion with now-ex-New York Times opinion writer Bari Weiss and Magazine du New York Times and Harper Magazine contributor Thomas Chatterton Williams on the fight against illiberalism, two weeks after Weiss resigned from the NOW to protest against its editorial atmosphere in which “self-censorship has become the norm”.

As Maher relayed in his opening monologue, he had missed out on a lot during his four-week hiatus, but focused on President Donald Trump’s final blow last Thursday, as he lost interest of the postal vote, he suggested that the November 3 presidential election could be delayed. .

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“With universal postal voting (and not postal voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE and FRAUDULENT election in history,” Trump tweeted Thursday, the day Maher recorded the tonight’s show. “It will be a great embarrassment for the United States. Delay the elections until people can vote properly, safely and securely ??? ”

Regular observers of Real time will know that Maher for months and months has been among the most consistent experts in openly questioning whether Trump would actually step down if Democratic opponent Joe Biden were elected president – Maher asked the question of “what happens when he won’t let him leave? Of almost all of its panels.

Biden even wondered as much, in April saying Trump “is going to try to roll back the election somehow, find reasons why it can’t happen.” The most recent national polls show Biden has a clear lead in the race.

Maher saved the topic for the end of the monologue on Friday.

“The bigger issue, or at least it should be,” was Trump’s tweet that pitched the idea of ​​the election day move, he said. “OK, for everyone who called me crazy for the past three years because I asked that question and said he would do exactly that?” I’ll accept your apologies for the weed. ”

Here is its full opening:

Here is Washington on The fight, which launched on Friday:

This is Carrey, talking about his bestseller Memories and disinformation: a novel:

Deadline video


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