Bill Gates on Covid: most US tests are “completely rubbish”


But people don’t get their tests back fast enough.Well, it’s just stupidity. The majority of all American tests are completely rubbish, wasted. If you don’t care about the late date and pay back at the same level, of course, they’ll take every customer. Because they make ridiculous money, and it’s mostly the rich who have access to it. You have to ask the refund system to pay a little more for 24 hours, pay the normal fees for 48 hours, and pay nothing [if it isn’t done by then]. And they will fix it overnight.

Why don’t we do this?

Because the federal government is establishing this reimbursement system. When we tell them to change it, they say, “As far as we can tell, we’re just doing a great job, it’s amazing!” Here we are, it is August. We are the only country in the world where we waste the most money on testing. Secure the refund. Configure the CDC website. But I was on this one and people are tired of listening to me.

As someone who has built your life on science and logic, I’m curious what you think when you see so many people embracing this anti-scientific view of the world.

Well, strangely enough, I’m involved in almost everything fighting science. I am involved in climate change, GMOs and vaccines. The irony is that it’s digital social media that allows for this kind of enthralling, simplistic explanation of “OK, there’s just one evil person, and that explains it all.” And when you have [posts] encrypted, there is no way to know what it is. Personally I believe the government should not allow these types of lies, fraud or child pornography. [to be hidden with encryption like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger].

Well, you’re friends with Mark Zuckerberg. Did you tell him about it?

After saying this publicly, he emailed me. I love Mark, I think he has very good values, but he and I don’t agree on the compromises involved. Lies are so exciting that you have to be able to see them and at least slow them down. Like this video where, what do they call her, the sperm woman? It got over 10 million views! [Note: It was more than 20 million.] Well how good are these guys at blocking stuff where once something got all 10 million views and everyone was talking about it they didn’t remove the link or the ability to research? So it didn’t make sense. They say, “Oh, now we don’t have it. What effect did that have? Anyone can go watch this stuff! So I disagree a bit with how these conspiracy theories spread, a lot of which is anti-vaccine stuff. We literally give tens of billions of dollars for lifesaving vaccines and then people turn around and say, “No, we’re trying to make money and we’re trying to make money. end lives. It’s a kind of wild reversal of our values ​​and our antecedents.

As a technology advisor to Microsoft, I think you can expect to fight this battle yourself in a few months when the company owns TikTok.

Yeah, my review of the dance moves will add fantastic value to them.

TikTok is more than just dance moves. There is political content.

I know, just kidding. You are right. Who knows what’s going to happen with this deal. But yes, it is a poisoned chalice. Being big in the social media business isn’t a simple game like the encryption problem.


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