Big E & The Miz Mash Their Beef, Talk About Slamming


Photo par Ian Gavan / Getty Images

After a heated discussion between Big E and The Miz during last week’s episode of Talking Smack, the two superstars got together once again to seemingly sort out any issues they might have had.

During the final episode of Talking Smack, Big E and The Miz brought up the topic again last week, where the two discussed Kofi Kingston and his brief run to the WWE Championship. During the conference, The Miz asked Big E to brief him on any questions he might have overlooked. In response, Big E noted that he didn’t think he had to educate Miz, but was always open to having conversations like these.

The two continued to discuss the possibilities for Big E to be a superstar at the main event level, where the New Day member spoke of his pride that the group was able to forge their own path. Later in the conversation, Big E said that while he won’t get the respect he deserves, he will continue to try to make the current race he is running on as smoothly as possible, while still trying to make it happen. striving to make the world a fairer place.

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