Berlin minister “deeply regrettable” over far-right stalemate in Reichstag world news


Berlin’s interior minister expressed regret over a standoff outside the Reichstag building on Saturday during a rally against coronavirus restrictions.Speaking to a committee of the city’s Interior Ministry on Monday, Andreas Geisel said he was “deeply regrettable” about the footage of the protest, which was seen around the world.

“These are shameful images, which have a powerful effect,” he says.

Geisel was criticized by the committee for the apparent lack of preparation by the city authorities and for downplaying before the protests the role of the far right, including the NPD and AfD political parties and their ability to incite protesters to participate.

About 38,000 people, including extremists, anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists, took part in the protests, which were allowed to take place after an eleven-hour decision by a judge overturned a ban on the police.

Police tried to halt the protest after two hours on Saturday because participants refused to wear masks or obey distancing rules. In the early evening, hundreds of demonstrators broke away from the main protests and gathered on the steps of the Reichstag building, seat of the German parliament, and attempted to enter.


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