Ben & Jerry’s Share The Best Way To Store Ice Cream – And We Did It ‘Wrong’


These days, it doesn’t seem like a week goes by without learning a new hack that would have made our lives easier if we had known it sooner. In today’s lesson for life, we were educated by none other than Ben & Jerry’s, who taught us that we do not store their ice cream jars properly.

Yes, apparently there is a perfect way to put their ice cream jars in the freezer, which will make them taste better for longer.

According to an article on their website, we should all be trying to keep our ice cream upside down in the freezer.

Experts claim that this trick helps prevent freezer burn, which leads to dehydration of food.

They said, “Over time the ice evaporates. As the moisture leaves the ice cream and combines with the humid ambient air, it refreezes on the surface of the ice cream, creating the telltale crystals that indicate a freezer burn.

Apparently you should store the ice cream upside down (stock photo)

“Save yourself from this culinary disaster: store your tub upside down somewhere in the back of the freezer. ”

If your ice cream is burning in the freezer, don’t panic, it’s still safe to eat – it would just taste fresher without it.

Ben & Jerry continue to say that you should “never” keep your ice cream in or near the freezer door to keep hot air out.

They add that another way to avoid freezer burn is to eat the entire tub at one time – we’ll definitely keep that in mind!

This isn’t the only interesting ice cream hack they’ve shared.

They also recommended those who want to “avoid the hard ice problem” to seal the tub in an airtight plastic bag before putting it in the freezer.

This trick, they claim, will give you “soft serve ice cream whenever you want.”

Genius! We will definitely be trying that one too soon.

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