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A Lebanese bride just posed for a wedding video she will never forget.Israa Seblani was showing off her wedding dress on Tuesday in a posh square in downtown Beirut when a massive explosion rocked the city’s port, toppling buildings and blanketing the area in smoke.

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BBC Zoom video shows terrifying moment when Beirut explosion hit

Images captured by Seblani’s wedding photographer Mahmoud Nakib show the moment the shockwave struck, turning a special moment into a mad rush for everyone involved.

The clip begins with Seblani smiling and still as Nakib walks up to her with a camera to show off her white wedding dress. He circles her face, then lowers the camera to show his train.

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Nakib realizes that something is wrong a second before the explosion sweeps across the scene.

“Allahu Akbar”, he said Nakib. ” God is the greatest. ”

The camera is pointed at Seblani’s feet when the first shock wave hits, blowing her bouquet and puffing up her dress behind her.

The Israa Seblani wedding dress is blown up by an explosion in Beirut, Lebanon on August 4, 2020.

Mahmoud Nakib / Reuters

Smoke blankets the area and glass rains down the street, jingling on the sidewalk amid the roar of the explosion.

The photographer turns the camera to look down the street to a cloud of smoke, then rushes to a wall across the street.

Nakib then directs the camera to the plaza, where the bride and several costumed men can be seen rushing into a nearby building for safety. Bells and alarms go off in several neighboring buildings.

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The square, bathed in golden light a few moments earlier, is now covered with gray dust.

Extensive footage of the incident shows Nakib following the bride and groom down the street. The groom and another man can be seen helping Seblani with her dress, who appears to be in disarray after the explosion.

The images also show trees and outdoor furniture strewn throughout. Many windows appear to be broken and the hotel courtyard is littered with debris.

The explosion occurred Tuesday night at the port of Beirut, where officials say a fire set off more than 2,700 tons of explosive ammonium nitrate in a warehouse. The explosion killed more than 100 people, injured thousands more and wiped out nearby buildings.

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Beirut explosion: massive explosion devastates city’s port area

Beirut explosion: massive explosion devastates city’s port area

The blast also damaged many structures several kilometers from the blast area and was felt as far away as Cyprus, an island some 200 kilometers away.

The plaza where the photoshoot took place was about a mile southwest of the point of origin of the explosion, according to Google Maps.

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Nakib says he and the couple were not injured by the blast. He told Storyful that they all took refuge at a nearby house and had dinner together at a restaurant later that evening.

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