Behind-the-scenes rumor about WWE’s ever-changing plans for WWE’s next project


– According to a report from Fightful Select, it appears that at some point earlier this year, WWE was planning yet to host yet another draft event. However, based on the latest rumor, WWE had already changed plans several times for another Draft.WWE is reportedly planning to host another project in August. However, those plans were then changed in September, before the plans were moved again in October. Then it apparently went back to September before coming back to October again.

In June, WWE reportedly informed some of its broadcast partners of plans for a new interim event as well as the idea of ​​hosting live events with a limited number of fans in July. The live event plans were then scrapped.

Currently, the event is still ongoing and is slated to take place in October, but the report notes that those plans could still change, as they have already done so several times at this point.

Additionally, it is rumored that WWE has no plans at this time to end the current iteration of the brand’s division, hence the continuation of the project. The last release was in October 2019.


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