Bedbugs on the highway as France enters the holiday season


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                Une enquête montre que 30% des automobilistes français jettent des ordures par la vitre de leur voiture pendant leurs vacances.  Une campagne de sensibilisation nationale a été lancée alors que la France entame sa saison des fêtes annuelle en août.

Comme chaque année, un trafic extrêmement dense - s'étendant parfois sur des kilomètres - est attendu sur les autoroutes françaises alors que le pays se prépare pour son premier week-end de vacances en août.

Good timing for a survey published on Friday by the Vinci Autoroutes Foundation, which manages more than 450 motorway rest areas in France.

According to the survey, 30% of those polled admitted to throwing garbage out of their car window while on vacation.

The figures represent an increase of 11 points compared to 2015.

A survey carried out by the motorway operator Vinci showed that 30% of French people on vacation threw garbage out of their car window. © Vinci
Fumeurs et punaises Covid

Cigarette butts in the streets seemed to be particularly common and 12% of respondents (one in three smokers in France) pleaded guilty to throwing their cigarette butts out of their car windows.

5% of those surveyed also admitted to having lost or thrown a face mask in the street.

The survey showed that while 92% of the French population recycled their garbage at home, they were less used to doing it on vacation or on the move.

Campagne nationale

However, if repentance can be seen as a saving grace, Vinci’s survey claims that 86% of French bedbugs felt guilty about their garbage.

It was perhaps inspired by this feeling of guilt that Vinci launched a nationwide campaign to encourage bedbugs to dispose of their waste properly.