BBC apologizes for use of racial slurs in report | News


The BBC has apologized for the use of racist slurs in a report on a racist attack that sparked public outcry, saying it regrets a mistake that has caused distress to many.

The British broadcaster included the word during its report last month on a violent attack on a young black man in Bristol, a town in southwest England.

The attackers reportedly shouted the offensive term when they ran into the 21-year-old with a car.

“It should be clear that the BBC’s intention was to highlight an alleged racist attack. This is important journalism that the BBC should report on and we will continue to do so ”, Lord Anthony Hall, the managing director of the BBC, wrote in an email sent to all staff on Sunday.

“Yet despite these good intentions, I do recognize that we ended up creating distress among many people,” Hall said, according to a report from the PA News Agency.

“The BBC now accepts that we should have taken a different approach at the time of the broadcast and we are very sorry for that. We will now be stepping up our advice on offensive language in our production, ”he wrote.

The broadcaster initially defended the use of the word offensive on the grounds that it was done for journalistic reasons.

But he gave in to public pressure amid a public outcry which saw comedian and broadcaster Sideman leave BBC music station 1Xtra

Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator, said it had received hundreds of complaints about the report.


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