Barbara Windsor’s husband can’t stop crying as retirement home move feels like mourning


Barbara Windsor’s husband Scott Mitchell has shared her agony after putting her in a nursing home and says it feels like “mourning.”The EastEnders legend, 82, is battling Alzheimer’s disease and has been transferred to a retirement home for professional care.

Scott admitted that he “never wanted” to have his wife taken away from him and he was heartbroken.

He told The Sun, “I’ve been used to jostling myself in this small space, then suddenly, silence… all you can hear are your thoughts, and it’s not always healthy. ”

Scott goes on to confess that he can’t stop crying when he thinks about how his wife feels about the move.

“I feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster. I walk around trying to keep busy, then I burst into tears. It’s like mourning.

Barbara Windsor and her son Scott Mitchell in 2019

He added: “It has always been my biggest fear, that one day I would have to take her somewhere and she would be like, ‘Why would he do this to me?’

“This fear has become a reality. This is something I never wanted. ”

Scott says doctors advised him to tell Barbara that she was just going away for a few days, while changes were made to her medication.

Doctors believe this will make the transition easier for Barbara.

Barbara now lives in a retirement home

Barbara as EastEnders Legend Peggy Mitchell

Barbara’s condition worsened during the lockdown, with Scott being forced to call in caregivers to help care for her.

He also shared the heartbreaking news that his wife no longer understood why no one was coming to visit him anymore, as his friends and family were forced to stay away due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a recent interview, which aired in Ross Kemp’s new documentary Living With Dementia, Scott said he faced “dark times” as he agreed to seek additional care for his wife.

Scott said to Ross, “I can’t imagine leaving this lady when she talks to me like she does and puts her somewhere thinking, ‘Why did he do this to me?’ ”

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