Bank of America Stadium will not host fans in week 1


Despite our best efforts, we are deeply disappointed to announce that you will not be with us at Bank of America Stadium on September 13 when we open the season against Las Vegas.

We won’t let an empty stadium affect our performance on the pitch, but your presence gives us a clear advantage.

We’ve been working tirelessly since March to develop and implement a responsible and comprehensive plan to ensure your game day is enjoyable and as safe as possible. Based on the guidelines outlined in Phase 2 of the North Carolina reopening plan and our health and safety plan, we are confident that we can safely accommodate a limited number of fans.

It is not a choice between a full stadium or an empty stadium. We have offered compromises and alternatives. We will continue to contact government officials regarding options for future games.

The safety measures we are ready to implement include a requirement for face cover and temperature controls for all fans and staff, as well as improved cleaning procedures. We’ve also planned and tested new ways for fans to safely enter and move around Bank of America Stadium.

Honeywell, a global leader in developing solutions for large venues and events, has customized PPE packs with our fans in mind and is deploying solutions to monitor air quality throughout the facility. In addition, infectious disease experts shared scientific data to inform our decisions and fill critical gaps in mitigating the spread of the virus.

We recognize the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic and will follow the guidelines set out by government and public health officials. And, we will continue to research alternatives regarding the return of fans for the 2020 season and share updates as appropriate.

We encourage you to stay safe and hope to see you soon.


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