‘Bald Lies’: Joe Biden Attacks Trump for Email Vote – National


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Monday that US President Donald Trump was telling “cruel lies” about mail-in voting to distract from his own failures, after Trump last week suggested it could be a cause of delaying the elections.Biden’s remarks were his strongest on the issue since Trump, who follows the alleged Democratic candidate in opinion polls, tweeted Thursday that he would not trust the results of an election that included a vote by widespread correspondence – a move many observers see as critical during the continuing Coronavirus pandemic.

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Trump threatens to sue after Nevada passes law to send all ballots to voters

Trump then suggested that the November 3 vote could be postponed, an idea immediately rejected by Democrats and his fellow Republicans in Congress – the only branch of government empowered to make such a change.

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Speaking at a virtual campaign fundraiser on Monday, Biden said he thought Trump would do everything in his power to “claim this election is fraudulent.”

“He suggested we should postpone the election, full of cruel lies about how mail-in votes were a fraud, and how so terrible it was,” Biden said.

“Well look, he calls for any effort to exploit this pandemic for political gain. It distracts from his complete failure, ”he said.

Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said the president “rightly draws attention to the clear fact” that universal postal voting creates “nightmarish electoral scenarios.”

Trump says postal vote could cause people to never know election results, suggests date change

Trump says postal vote could cause people to never know election results, suggests date change

“Joe Biden and the radical left are scaring as they capitalize on the coronavirus crisis in a bid to scare voters into staying at home on election day,” Murtaugh said.

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The United States is enduring a coronavirus pandemic that has claimed more than 155,000 lives – most of all countries in the world – a crippling recession sparked by the epidemic and nationwide protests against police violence and racism.

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Reality Check: Trump Says Mailed Ballots Will Cause ‘Rigged Elections’

Without evidence, Trump has repeatedly claimed that the increase in postal voting would be fraught with fraud, remarks that deepened Democrats’ fears of refusing to accept the election result if he loses.


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