Bag-in-box wines benefit from increased sales during UK coronavirus lockdown | Food


From so-called ‘bagnums’ to ‘cardbordeaux’, bag-in-box wines have seen a surge in sales in the UK during the lockdown as the Brits opted for better value and less trips to the supermarket .The Co-op chain reported an unprecedented 300% increase in sales across its range, as consumers shopped less but drank more at home during pub and restaurant closings, with the trend set to continue into the fall . Larger packages – typically three liters or four 75cl bottles – represent better value.

Amid the easing of the lockdown, the UK camping and picnic boom is now helping drive sales as consumers have recognized the portability, convenience and eco-friendly qualities of the new style products. The packaging means little oxygen penetrates even after it’s been opened, so wine stays fresher longer – up to six weeks – than in a bottle.


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