Backstage News on Sonya Deville – Mandy Rose’s stipulation change to WWE SummerSlam


Last night in WWE Slam summer, Mandy Rose was able to defeat Sonya Deville in a “No DQ, Loser Leaves WWE” match. The stipulation, which was originally supposed to be a Hair vs Hair match, changed last Friday, just days after the attempted kidnapping at Deville’s home.For those who missed it, just over a week ago, a Phillip A. Thomas II attempted to kidnap Deville from her home in Lutz, Florida. Thomas left his home in South Carolina and arrived in Florida around midnight Sunday morning. He parked his car near Deville’s house, in the parking lot of Idlewild Church near the Dale Mabry Freeway and Van Dyke Road in Lutz, then walked to a nearby housing estate where the house of Deville. Thomas then drilled a hole in his patio screen and waited for hours, looking and listening through the windows. Thomas watched Deville and Mandy Rose go to bed shortly before 3 a.m., then enter the house through a sliding glass door.

This set off an alarm which allowed Sonya to capture a glimpse of the intruder as he entered her home. She and Rose immediately left the house in a car and called 911. The police arrived and found Thomas still at home. He was found in possession of a knife, zippers, sledgehammer, duct tape, a window punch and other items. Thomas admitted to police that he planned to take Deville hostage. He also admitted to planning the crime in the past 8 months.

You can read the latest news on this case at this link.

As for the match itself, the stipulation of the fight between Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose has reportedly been changed due to Sonya’s continued experience with the legal system. His lawyer advised him not to shave his head when dealing with this situation in court, according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio.

We don’t know yet what is in store for Deville next, but we’ll keep you posted. There has been speculation that Deville will be taking time away from WWE due to the attempted kidnapping from her home last weekend, but there is also speculation that Deville will return for a spot on RAW or NXT in WWE’s next draft.


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