B52 engine tuning seems vital for Rolls-Royce | Business


It is the long-range bomber that succeeded the B-29 Superfortress whose Enola Gay and Bockscar planes dropped atomic bombs on Japan which, 75 years ago this month, ended WWII. global.

Over the decades, the B-52 has become the apotheosis of American airborne military power. And yet, while it looks like an aircraft designed during the Cold War, the Pentagon has just closed offers to re-engine the aircraft to keep the fleet of 76 aircraft in service until 2050, when many speculate that air warfare will be fought by stealth drones using the technology. and electrical systems not yet invented.

In this multi-billion dollar competition, Rolls-Royce piloted in a three-way fight with its big American jet engine-making rivals, General Electric and Pratt & Whitney, the


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