Ayodhya prepares for Modi to lay the foundation stone for Hindu temple at disputed site | World news


Diwali arrived early in the temple city of Ayodhya. Although the Hindu festival is three months away, the city was lit by earthen lamps for the laying of the cornerstone of a Hindu temple which is perhaps the most intense, jarring and divisive issue in Indian politics. for decades.Prime Minister Narendra Modi is due to attend a ceremony in the city on Wednesday, where he will lay a 40kg silver brick at the construction site. He will be watched by priests chanting Vedic hymns, the high ranking officers of his party and the good and the great of Indian society.

The event is Modi’s first time to visit Ayodhya. It marks the culmination of a sustained political campaign by her party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, for a temple to be built where a Hindu mob, watched by some BJP leaders, demolished an older mosque. of 400 years in 1992. causing riots that left nearly 2,000 dead.

Since then, the issue has sparked riots, propelled the BJP to political power from the fringes where it languished, polarized Hindus and Muslims and, with its complex mix of history, religion, mythology, law and religion, emotion, dominated Indian political life. .

For the BJP, it will be a moment of political triumph for its ideology of Hindu cultural nationalism.


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