Avalanche, Star players applaud NBA boycott, know NHL needs to do more


EDMONTON – They played hockey when others canceled their games, and you can have your opinion on whether it was fair.

But at the end of a tumultuous night in the sports world, the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche gave us the very essence of why we watch games in the first place. In a 6-4 thriller, the Avalanche climbed back in their streak scoring three goals in the final eight minutes, stealing a win that turned that Western Conference second round streak.

“And now we have a streak,” Colorado captain Gabriel Landeskog said at a post-game press conference dominated by questions about the Black Lives Matter movement, as the NHL played games on Wednesday night. while the NBA, WNBA, MLS, and some MLB teams have not.

“I think there are different ways to show your actions and what you support,” said Dallas’ Tyler Seguin, who had taken a very public stance early in the playoffs. “Dicky (Jason Dickenson) and I had our first game (kneeling), so I fully support what the MLB and the NBA are doing. We just had the decision tonight to play the game.

Here in Edmonton, you wouldn’t have known it was a pivotal day across the sports world by a dashboard reference or tribute. A pre-game report indicated there would be a pre-game ceremony, but spirits must have changed as they simply sang the hymns and dropped the puck, with Colorado and Dallas playing a game that would result in a Growing avalanche of criticism on social media as the night wore on. .

Nazem Kadri, a founding member of the Hockey Diversity Alliance, also considered going on strike.

“It crosses your mind when you see other leagues doing things like that. We congratulate the NBA for taking (its position), ”he said.

“The signs, the hockey operations are great and everything. But eventually the words get stale. It’s all about action and change. ”

As a sports league, the NHL received a lot of criticism on Wednesday for moving forward with its playoff schedule while other leagues put theirs aside. But that’s a strange request on a game day for individual players, whose routines are set, their focus is diverted from social media and onto the game ahead.

Players on both sides said their game schedule left them somewhat in the dark about what was going on outside of their hockey bubble, both literally and figuratively.

“To be honest,” Seguin said, “I woke up from a nap and didn’t really realize what the NBA was doing until I got to the rink. So, I haven’t thought much in my head throughout the day to think about not playing tonight. But like I said, I support what’s going on, I support the movement and I think hockey needs to, honestly, do more. But I think we can all show our actions in different ways.

It’s a confusing time for Dickenson and Seguin, a couple of Canadians who aren’t afraid to take a stand, but seem somewhat unsure of how best to do it.

“Doesn’t that solve things?” Dickenson asked. “No, but it gets attention and you know what, it happened at the last second, like Seggy said.” We woke up, we were already in play mode, and it was kind of one of those things that it’s hard to get so close to playtime and change your mind.

“We come from all walks of life, we have guys from all over the country. It’s hard for some guys to have this shot at home, ”he continued. “I don’t mean to say that anyone is blind or ignorant, but we’re a league of a lot of Canadians, a lot of Europeans, so it’s tough when something doesn’t hit. You watch MLB, you watch NBA, they’re mostly American players, so it’s easy to come home for them. It’s easy for them to take a stand against something.

“Seggy and I take a knee and we feel the fact that we’re not American. We shouldn’t be speaking for something like this. But we believe that we are close enough, as Canadians, that we have a right to say something and in Canada, we have seen similar things.

The Stars erased a 3-1 deficit to go ahead 4-3 with nine minutes left. But Kadri took the winner, his seventh, and now both teams will see – at a minimum – a 5 game.

Or will they do it?


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